My Charities & Fundraising

My Charities & Fundraising

Fundraising Progress

Our Fundraising Heroes have raised $XX,XXX so far! Let's keep going!

Charities Supported

Our Charity Stars! Thank you for contributing to the following causes:

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Fundraising Ideas

Need some inspiration? Check out these Idea Sparks for your next fundraiser:

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Fundraising Ideas - Tea Party Themes

  • Enchanted Garden Tea Party: Kids can host a magical garden-themed tea party. Decorate with flowers, fairy lights, and whimsical elements. Guests can donate to attend the enchanted affair. Enchanted Garden Tea Party Image
  • Princess Tea Party: Organize a royal-themed tea party where kids can dress up as their favorite princesses or princes. Offer tea and "royal treats" while collecting donations for a chosen cause. Princess Tea Party Image
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